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Jennette McCurdy's Mom Dies: Bella Thorne and support more Tweets

Sadly, the parent of Nickelodeon's star passed away on September 20 after a battle 17 years is devastating with breast cancer , but Jennette not regret it alone - almost immediately after the news of the destruction of stars as Bella and Zendaya quickly . ran to Twitter to show their support and their prayers .
Jennette McCurdy absolutely crushed after the loss of her mother , Debra , on Sept. 20 after 17 years of grueling battle with breast cancer . But personal tragedy, it is clear that actress iCarly has strong support as stars and friends like Bella Thorne and Zendaya have paid their respects at Twitter and proved that they are there for Jennette mourning not . what .

Bella Thorne, Zendaya and More Support Jennette McCurdy after the tragic death of his mother.
Bella tweeted . " I love and prayers to my beautiful friend @ jennettemccurdy. And her family. My heart is with you . Much love , I texted U. ".

Ariana Grande , Jennette Sam & Cat actor also tweeted , "I love you @ jennettemccurdy.".

Zendaya soon after took to Twitter to show support for her as well : "@ jennettemccurdy. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family ... I'm sorry for your loss , " she wrote .

Noah Munck , who starred on iCarly alongside Jennette, tweeted, " Sending thoughts and prayers and deepest sympathy to my friend @ jennettemccurdy. Your mother was loved by Munck Fam and it's in my ❤. " .

And Boy Meets World star Danielle Fishel , a message sincerely for Jennette, tweeting, " My thoughts are with @ jennettemccurdy today can not imagine losing a child , my mother heartbroken " .


User's Guide: 20 things to know about the Affordable Care Act.

Hat do you need to know about the Affordable Care Act , aka Obamacare, the health reform law , or " health care overhaul . Federal "?

It 's also spacious and despite what you may have heard of it happening.

And it would have changed. Many things . About how you can get health care , whether or not you are one of the more than 1 million people now uninsured , many of whom may benefit directly .

General purpose ACA is to start to pull and push to persuade everyone to go into the " pool " Big - insured , in short , that is because some of the system of care. health have come to believe that it was crazy to have health "insurance" is essential if you become too sick to work , and of course if you do not work - and even if you can find a job , low pay lots of money - you . will not be able to buy insurance in the first place.

No one ever tried to argue that there is no health insurance somehow magically keeps people from getting sick, they get sick and they seek treatment in the emergency room or clinic , " free" , depending . with funding from taxes and donations .

This "cost shifting " - get someone else to pay the cost - the cost has increased in many "others " tend to be employers and steep increase in the cost of their health has prompted pushback.

A fair way to do this, proponents of the law. Healthcare . Argued that the spread . Burden more widely . To do so, the bits and pieces of the increase in the tax law .

Picture of the near future is not all rosy to many people entering the system creates its own problems concerned enough primary care physicians to care for everyone ? Or the health care system may be adapted to other skilled workers such as nurses , to full advantage.

User of the Affordable Care Act .
20 things to know about the Affordable Care Act .
In view of the medical profession : a time of turmoil and change 'for the providers of care.
Obamacare Q & A: The answer to the question. Your most urgent .
Profile of Washington residents facing the health care changes .
' Leader ' to support the buyer to sort out a plan.
Insurance exchange : 8 multiple carriers plan to make the selection .
Do not be fooled by websites that are similar to the exchange of health official .
Tips to use Healthplanfinder.
Health care , saying: Glossary .
Interactive AP: Health overhaul time - .
And cost . Remains one of the biggest problems - and one in Criticized . The most serious of the law. Federal drug companies , doctors , hospitals , insurance companies , equipment manufacturers and others to migrate all revenue costs will just keep rising ?

As a whole . Countries where we do not judge , but the best way to get the cost of a catch - one that has been recognized . In politics already .

One of the challenges . The largest. ACA advocates say that will help people understand the value of health care and insurance, when you need it.

So this is what the ACA and what you should know at 20 what is know as you try to understand the new law and the wave of change that is only the beginning.


Irish work in progress, it will take another step.

The best part is that the success of the sound of clapping and singing off key force surging through the walls of their own work as described in the progress that is Notre Dame football progressing 2-3 victory celebration occurred. the best part may be the next day was over and to make sure they are happy for that.

After the tanker miscues and dirt from both sides , No. 22 Irish 17-13 victory over Michigan State survive if the result is pretty much all about the story ends there, otherwise there is a debate to be had about the team sand winning years but with a finely mixed with inspiration to always look like it will amount to . Something .

The club will have this season, almost no one can say with confidence the decoration company held on Saturday, but there's more -yard penalties (86 ) than yards ( 82 ) and the most powerful of passing game official . Completion flag thrown for pass interference on the defense .

But this victory was the 10th in the first 11 games under coach Brian Kelly has been decided by a touchdown or less . A victory at home to 10 matches overall .

"Just from looking at the game sanctuary tonight, you can see a little bit of progress throughout the year, " cornerback KeiVarae Russell said, " but there is more to this lot we have not played even . our ability to " .

Interpreted as a blessing or a curse , as you will be Notre Dame (3-1) has left room for interpretation, considering both players swing Saturday: It proves that the Irish have either everything or nothing. to do with both .

With the game tied 10-10 in the third quarter and the momentum building for his offense , but Michigan State coach Dantonio felt his team " to play big . " .

He wanted a second opinion is the wrong quarterback becomes easy . Interception Irish safety Matthias Farley .

Then, in a subsequent incompletion on third and 10 Notre Dame became the first and goal after flag questionable greatly over the intervening Two plays later, Cam McDaniel ran in for the score 7 yards, was held to one goal at Michigan Stadium . state and three drives later nullified courtesy Irish defense retooled and revived.

" There are a lot of protection . To do with today's ballgame , " Kelly said," If you asked me last week what kind of game this is going to be - it was not a beauty contest . " .

That it is not the Rees Tommy fumbled on 20 of 34 passes and line noise (five ) than the individual receptors leading Irish (three each for Corey Robinson and DaVaris Daniels . ) .

"We made ​​some plays when we need to " tackle Zack Martin said, "but it comes back to the stability and the ability to count the whole game ."

Notre Dame on what the differences are . Each week , but that does not mean Irish people are breaking the bad or good or bad, it just means there are not completely different feeling . Every year around this time, I wonder how long it can last for years , and everyone is waiting to see if the luck ran out.

"I think the progress is showing itself, " linebacker Jarrett Grace said, "and I think it has a ways to go ."


Guiton throws six TDs first half buck bomb Fla. & M.

After a 76-0 victory over outmanned and highlight Florida & M, Urban Meyer can not say for certain that his team was in the state of Ohio has a number of nonconference schedule to tender .

" Apparently . At midnight . Next week we will know, " the coach said of No. 4 Ohio State . Means the Big Ten with No. 24 Wisconsin on Saturday , "We are ready or not, I like to think we are ."

There is no doubt that Kenny Guiton is not .
For the third game in the back row in place of the sacred trees of the injured Braxton Miller, Guiton school with six touchdowns - all in the first half - in the bombing of the historic proportions .

It is an epic mismatch between the teams, with the national aspirations of the members of the Football Championship title and $ 900,000 guarantee .

FAMU , which took up the sport in 1899 , never lost so many points . It was the most lopsided win since the 85-7 victory over Ohio State Drake in 1935 .

"We do not want the poor " Snake coach Earl Holmes makes the point that I did not run up the score on his team , said: " I ​​do not have a problem with that I do not expect . Coach knelt down your game play. , You play for 60 minutes. " .

At least , it was decided that rather quickly Buckeyes ( 4-0 ) needed all of four plays and 46 seconds to go 21-0 in the opening six minutes and never looked back Guiton completed 24 of 34 passes for 215. throw over forty yards in the first quarter.

"I have every day, " Guiton said, "The coaches want to come out throwing the ball around and I thank them for the trust they have in me to be able to do so ."

FAMU (1-3) 48-0 behind when it was first picked up a first down in the second quarter .

The previous snake ' biggest defeat was 73-6 to Tuskegee in 1926 they lost to Oklahoma 69-13 years and 70-17 South Florida in 2011 .

Statistics show that bias was voted Ohio State a 34-2 edge in first downs and 603-80 in different yards.

" I would not say that we are not satisfied, " tight end Jeff Heuerman said, " there's always room for improvement , we are not complete ."

Miller was the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year last season and hope the Heisman Trophy this year, missed his second game in a row with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee .

Meyer said that Miller would be to play with snakes , but he never put his uniform.

It did not take long for games to get out of control. With or without him.

After the punt short ended occupy Snake ' Ohio State came to FAMU 30 down to three from three over Guiton into the end zone was picked off by Patrick ISBN Aiken , but chose to try to run the ball off him. to 3 before it was hit by running back Jordan Hall and fumbling the ball away .

"I was caught up in the " I said, " I made a mental error . 'm Supposed to have a knee in the end zone . " .

On the next play , Hall scored the first of his two touchdowns .

After returning a punt 65 yards by Corey Brown put the ball at the 11 , one play later, Guiton turning 11 -yard TD that made it 13-0 Heuerman - I inexplicably went for two but failed - with touchdowns. when two players have a total of 10 seconds .

Rae Grant FAMU blocked punt to be returned and I was in business at 25 , it takes two passes to make it 20-0 with Guiton hit Evan Spencer for the last eight yards and a score .

Carlos Hyde has been support for the first three games after the alleged altercation with a woman in a bar this summer, took a shovel pass yards in the final later in the quarter after the kickoff , leasing , Bradley Roby. interception by Damien Fleming and back to five after a 34-0 win Guiton Smith hit points.

Guiton eclipsed the mark that had been held by John Borton in 1952 and Bobby Hoying ( who was not in 1994 and again in 1995 ) with a TD , his second to Spencer in the final seconds of half .

Up 55-0 with half an eye , Meyer took his foot off the gas and filled the field with a team of five junior tailback Ezekiel Elliott ran for 162 yards on 14 carries and two touchdowns , and cable. the third quarterback Cardale Jones ran for one .

"You come to Ohio State for the Big Ten championship, " Meyer said, "That's really just the start of the meeting . Ago . " .

The previous biggest snake was a 73-6 defeat to Tuskegee in 1926 .

"It 's always worth it ," Holmes said the schedule of the " you've got some guys who have aspirations of playing on Sunday . , So you will find that you fit " .

Snake found all right .


Mall attack Kenya: President vows to avenge the pain quickly.

Fifty nine died at least 175 people were injured about 30 hostages remained , as perhaps a dozen gunmen .
These figures are alarming than the day after the attack on Islamist stormed luxury shopping mall in Nairobi on Saturday, spraying bullets and held captive buyers.
Conflicts, tensions continued on Sunday night , with sporadic gunfire heard throughout the day , and at least one explosion.
President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta told reporters. Sunday afternoon the Kenyan nation has demonstrated resilience as successful and will attack .
Tragedy is part of the nephew and his fiancee were among the 59 people killed.
"They will not get away with offensive action beastly of them as the perpetrators of this cowardly trapped in the building while I will punish the masterminds quickly and certainly very painful, " Kenyatta said.
Kenyan government and Western diplomatic sources said the Al-Shabaab militants were holding about 30 hostages in the shopping center .
As Kenyan troops faced formidable carefully searched five-story building on Sunday - and the challenge of bearing the Al-Shabaab - the siege was not close to resolution.
10 to 15 gunmen were involved Kenyatta said.
"We know they are all over the building, " State House Press Esipisu Manoah told CNN's Zain Verjee " We know that they are now separated somewhere inside the building ."
Soldiers still on guard outside the mall , guns hanging from their shoulders .
"We want to do everything . Possible, and the security people are doing everything possible to make sure we do not lose a lot of "Esipisu said.
More than 175 people were injured in the attack , said Kenyatta gave his support to the injured and the relatives of the deceased , he said he and other staff in Kenya , visited the hospital Sunday morning.
"No one should lose their life, it is not necessary to anesthetize and families should not have received news that their loved ones , they will be killed by a bunch of criminal of a coward ." he says.
It was the deadliest terror attack . In Kenya from al -Qaeda bombed the U.S. embassy in 1998 to the death of 213 people .
Attack Saturday Weekend popular meeting Kenyans and foreigners gather at Westgate malls on weekends to drink latte , catch a movie or browse through more than 80 stores.
Al-Shabaab proxy Al -Qaeda in Somalia, claimed responsibility and said it was not supported in a message which feeds Twitter of the group said that " Islam " was escorted out of the mall . before the attack.
"When justice is denied , it must be enforced ," it said in a tweet Sunday "Kenyans are quite safe in their city before they invade us and kill Muslims # Westgate".
Kenya launched an attack from Al-Shabaab in Somalia in 2011, the group threw a bomb at Kenya church bus stops and other public places .
Last year, the Kenya military has an important role in handing defeat on Al-Shabaab forces as part of a peacekeeping mission , they have released a major port of Somalia Kismayo.


Jon Jones en live Alexander Gustafsson à l'UFC 165.

For the second time in three months, mixed martial arts ' most important pound for pound has suffered a shocking upset .

However, ultimate fighting championship light heavyweight champion Jon Jones ( 19-1 MMA, 13-1 UFC) to avoid the fate that Anderson Silva and the flexibility Alexander Gustafsson ( 15. -2 MMA, 7-2 UFC) via unanimous decision .

WATCH: Slam impressive at UFC 165.

In the lead up to Saturday 's UFC 165 pay per view TV Toronto's Air Canada Centre UFC officials do not know how. To promote Gustav is a viable competitor , they focus on the height of the Swedes of everything , but it is planned that the game of his outstanding performance and durability Moxie pure that almost stopped Jones' new record UFC. six consecutive 205 £ - protection .

"I have been asking for a dog fight for a long time and I finally fought my dogs have been asking for ," Jones said after the fight in the fifth round .

The first round is a little of everything, including . Some signs of hope for the nominee , while 26-year battle Phenom Jones , who runs one of the agents themselves are often aggressive and effective Gustafasson his slow his attack against the counter. he also surprised the champion with punches in the late rounds to capture the first place. One corner when the fight Jones in UFC 13.

Heading into the next frame , Gustav seems to have found the confidence to quickly pin after the catch and sending the champion to the mat, kick up, Gustav avoid . Arrest and showed outstanding defense , he did not check every kick and elbow and some annoying side kick and front shin and thigh slowed his progress , but Gustav took great pictures. most of the Jones and some solid blows of his own.
After two close and face Jones Show some heavy swelling and bruising , Gustav removed as soon as a good place to start the third round , Jones retaliated with a kick to the face , but to prevent his arrest. the nominee, efficient and accurate counter strikes , Jones was forced to throw punches and kicks from a distance , which makes them easier to deflect body image , though still find their mark . and kicked the front and Shin presented problems for Gustav .

While the fight into the championship round , Jones fired overhead kick and some elbow solid Gustav still prevent his arrest surprising legs of Jones kick land flush but even deeper . in the fight that they did not really slow nominee while cutting face of Jones rush of blood , Gustav firing off smoothly and easily as he plunged in and out of the but . late in the round, Jones landed the spinning elbow to the forehead and knees to wash the blood Gustav quickly on shaky legs , but the bell saved the Swedish Sami Jones captured the momentum for the finals .

In the decisive fifth round with both fighters ' faces swollen and bloody mess , Jones finally securing his first arrest while such development is often the mark . Advantage . Important in the fight Jones, Gustav quickly scooted fencing and back to his feet, both fighters are looking to blow over during heavy last-minute land each strike violence certain to close. the standing ovation was fired .

After a night of questionable celebrities have gone either way in the end, though , the judge sided with the points championship, 48-47 , 48-47 and 49-46 almost all media cageside agree with the decision.

"He was a fighter, a tough ," Jones said, " I spent a lot of time with my boxing camp this perhaps is not the best idea . , I should be the same as water and mobility. increase , but hat 's off to Alexander . , that is by far the most difficult fight and I really take my soul this night warrior makes me happier than winning . " .

Gustav as much as 12-1 with some underdog sports book seems to offer . Can not destroy its greatest champion . In his career , it was enough to guarantee Although disappointed, the 26 years is not in the mood to campaign for one .

"I will learn from this and I will come back stronger from this, " Gustafson said, " I just started my career and I have a lot of fighting to be done.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Cruz pushes plan to prevent a vote on a bill defunding ObamaCare.

Sen. Ted Cruz urged Republican colleagues to vote for his step expected bill that allows the government open through mid-December , while cutting funding from ObamaCare.
Texas senator who supported a temporary measure through the GOP -controlled House on Friday said that the defense 's strategy was needed . To prevent it. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of using "tricks " procedure to restore funding for the law. Health care.
"If Reid pursues this plan - if he insists on using the 50 votes to fund ObamaCare by a vote of the Democrats only - and I hope that Senate Republicans will stand and fight discussion . bill to the House bill . And intact . Do not let Harry Reid, ObamaCare raise capital back in , " Cruz said in a statement.
Sen. Mike Lee , R- Utah, introduced Friday as the Senate 's approval . Movement Debate to end . The debate in the House bill , Reid will come back with . Modified to remove language from the bill defunding ObamaCare .
"If we want to prevent the [ Red ] from stripping out language defund strategy on our part would be to block the debate to end the debate, " said Lee spokesman Brian Phillips said Hill.
Cruz, one of the most vocal supporters of the "de- fund ObamaCare" I was shocked at his colleagues on his . Released a written statement Wednesday afternoon that appears to accept the bill will likely fail in the Senate.
He backtracked on Wednesday vowed to do " everything and anything possible to defund ObamaCare" including the installation of the opposition.
Cruise and Lee played a prominent role in each appearances in television commercials . Aimed at pushing lawmakers Republicans not to yield " Republicans in Congress can stop ObamaCare if they refused to fund it," Lee said in the Conservative Party Senate funds . supported . Commercial.
Current government funding is set to expire at the end of the month . Lawmakers. Must approve a bill to give Washington temporary opening .
Friday's vote in the House was almost completely along party lines , and that the GOP measure would fund the government through December 15 , the current level of funding .
Obama administration threatens advance to veto the bill if it passes the Senate as well , while the Democrats only Reps by Mike McIntyre of North Carolina and Jim Matheson of Utah support the Virginia Representative Rigell. Scott was the only one . Republicans voting against it.
"Today the Conservative Party. Constitutional In the words of their constituents . And our nation will stand with the true principles of the law to protect them from becoming popular. The most ever in the history of the country through the busy ObamaCare - whether in the privacy of our and our most sacred right as an American to do it. Be left alone , " Rep. John Culberson R- Texas , said on the House floor .
This sets the stage for The showdown last week . Next, in the Democratic -led Senate measure realistically the chances of surviving are slim to none in the Senate vote , Reid has been charged to death and called the vote Friday " waste time " .
" Republicans are simply shifted a few days as an alternative . Inevitable that they will have to face : the bill. Fund for clean government or forced to close , " Reid said in a statement following the vote ," I've said it before, but it seems that will not pass the Senate , which bears repeating . Bill to Obamacare defunds or any delay " .
The Senate is in the corner until Tuesday.
In the noon rally on Capitol Hill, House Speaker John Boehner said the House vote, said the popularity of ObamaCare.
" You have a country that has not been employed as a result of this law, " he said, " you've got other business have reduced hours for employees. Of them because of this law and to make our message to the U.S. Senate is simple: Americans want the government to shut down and They do not want ObamaCare ".


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To this day talk like a pirate day.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is one holiday fake oddities around - and that's coming from a blog that tells people to celebrate Root Beer steaming National Day Oyster and National doubleheader Uber-Festival, National Day and Taco vodka. national
But do not be afraid if you're dying to put on and pull off your favorite red scarf, we know the best way to shake your tree. I felt horribly ashamed of himself while doing so charming.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Costa Concordia freed from the reef engineer said.

In the historic maritime salvage operation on Monday, careful engineers wrestled ship Costa Concordia off the Italian cruise ship has been detained since January 2012.
But progress has been slower than expected and the delicate position of the rotation luxury liner that capsized appears likely to extend a senior official said Tuesday.

Never before has such a large cruise ship has been stabilized and crippled Concordia did not budge for the first three hours after the operation began to engineer Sergio Girotto told reporters.

Disabled ship will not budge for some three hours after the operation, to the right - it's known in the parlance sea. "Parbuckling" - start at around 09:00 local time Girotto said.

But after some 6,000 tons are being used - a complex system of pulleys and counterweights - Girotto said, "we see" out of the underwater reefs, thanks to the camera.

He said the camera does not immediately reveal the signs of the two bodies that were never recovered from among the 32 people who died January 13, 2012 at Concordia struck a reef and lies half submerged side after coming too close to any to Giglio island.

Send a robot submersible vehicle Monday by pointing out that the submerged cruise ship has suffered. "The Unusually Good" from constantly battered by waves on granite sea bottom and compressed under the weight of 115,000 tons, Girotto said.

The goal is to raise the ship 65 degrees to the vertical position so the tug. The default action to lift Concordia to move the ship from the reef just three degrees to the vertical While small changes that seem to be significant enough to move, apparently a few feet of slime that covered the ship that had been under water slowly becomes visible on the banks ......


At least 12 dead, suspect sought in shooting of Navy.

Hunt is underway for two gunmen increasingly possible after at least 12 people were killed and several others were injured Monday at the headquarters of the Royal Navy at sea system command at Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier . said.

Lanier said police shot dead and one wounded in the " engagement " with at least one gunman . She said staff had created "a lot " of information that would have been more gunmen .

Lanier , who said that the FBI is now leading the investigation , said the motive for the shooting has not been determined.

She said officials are looking for a white male wearing a brown short-sleeved uniform , beret and military hand gun . Police are also looking for a black man between 40 and 50 years old wearing a bright olive military uniform and carrying a rifle, Lanier said .

She said there was no evidence the suspect officers .

Law enforcement official said federal authorities had interviewed a man whose identity emerged after police killed the gunman, armed with AR-15, a shotgun and a sniper if handgun.The human connection . there was not immediately clear.

Federal official who requested anonymity because of the fluid nature of the investigation, said there was no evidence that anyone other than the gunmen fired weapons in the attack. The official said that the researchers analyzed surveillance video and other information that reveals the two men - one white male and one black - both dressed in military -style uniforms .

"What we lack is targeting someone other than the shot ,'' the official was not authorized to comment publicly said.


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mister Cee admits Prositutes persuaded not to resign from the water heater 97.

In an interview with a tear to the 97th, DJ Mister Cee admits that he had oral sex with men and transgender requests transgender prostitute in the past. But have not been since his arrest in May.
On September 11, an audio clip surfaced of a man who is popular with Blogger Bimbo Winehouse's voice was heard, alleged DJ Mister Cee soliciting sex from him, agreeing to pay $ 100 for sex with a celebrity DJ. announced his resignation on that day - but he was back on the air on September 12th new


Endangered species blobfish Gloppy win ugly.

People have been sad and blobfish has been declared as endangered species, the ugliest in the world.

Some people have said that people living in the deep sea mucus that can grow to 12 inches long, similar to a mini- Jabba the Hutt . We think it looks like a gloppy version of the cartoon character Ziggy.

British comedian Paul Foot blobfish in the campaign video posted to YouTube, said he saw the sadness and wisdom in the face of the blobfish "Eyes of a kind and very intelligent ," he said in the video. "There is a brain in there . " .

Photos: Meet the 10 new species of 2012 .

blobfish live off the southeast coast of Australia and Tasmania at a depth of 2,000 to 4,000 feet , as biologist Simon Watt and journalists who vote for the endangered animal that is ugly .

In intermezzo science at the end of the plea video foot of Watts says the blobfish is made ​​of mucus that is a little more dense than water, allowing it to float in the deep sea without having to work hard to keep afloat. go


Boulder flooding

Boulder, Colo. - A large flash floods of the Colorado Front Range and mountain views from the National Weather Service called " rainfall in the Bible ,'' killed at least three people in a day. Thursday ruled out of town and forced countless people to take the high ground .

Boulder , home to the University of Colorado is one of the hardest hit by the devastating waters classes were canceled hundreds of immigrant students and a quarter of the university buildings. Damage from rising water , officials said.

"This is no ordinary day . '' It is not a Common Disaster Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle said the wall of water as high as 20 feet, tear down the mountainsides and valleys , and a scar from open fires .

"All the preparation in the world ... can not put more people in the valley are these walls of water to come down ," he said.

President Obama has signed an emergency declaration frees up Thursday night to allow federal agencies and federal emergency . To coordinate management efforts . Disaster relief .

Flooding along the mountains along the Front Range - including Denver , Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Greeley and Aurora - Score as well as small towns and mountain communities .

Much of the eastern and northern Colorado remained under flood warning flash , which means that flooding is imminent or report to the National Weather Service said the zone alarm the Denver / Boulder metropolitan areas over 3 million inhabitants .

floodwaters broke through the dam at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Refuge. National Wildlife prompting evacuations in Commerce City officials ordered cruise KUSA TV in Denver reports evacuated area east of Colfax Street, the main thoroughfare because of the waters . Higher .

And quickly . Torrential rainfall from a storm system that has been immersed in many parts of the western mountains of the week up to 10 inches fell in the area from the Wyoming border to the southern foothills . West of Denver.

The Weather Channel reports. Thursday evening, the rain continues to fall at a rate of 1 to 2 inches an hour in some parts of the region , including Colorado Springs , an hour drive south of Denver .

Officials fear that the rain and the number of victims could increase as the storm continued to batter the region in the evening and some areas remain inaccessible .


The Seaside Heights: Raging fire strikes at the heart of the city, New Jersey Sandy.

I sprayed charcoal fire engulfed much of the size of a fist symbol boardwalk Jersey Coast on Thursday, destroying more than 50 months and the devastation of the flood trying to rebuild after superstorm Sandy.

Workers joined fire tear the boardwalk - the last time the pair will rob a hell of fuel to help preserve what is left of the economic lifeblood of Seaside Park and Seaside Heights.

Wind whipped the fire burning in eight blocks boardwalk - four in each city - and caused millions of dollars in damage before the strike in advance by ripping out a large portion of the boardwalk and the dunes are piling up large temporary file is not meant to hold water.


View 'Thursday Night Football': what to look for.

The New England Patriots are fortunate they are the first NFL team since the 1950 Washington Redskins. To face rookie quarterbacks in back-to- back weeks .

Patriot also unfortunate position their skills have been destroyed and it was only two weeks, wide receiver Danny Amendola , tight end Rob Gronkowski , running back Shane Vereen and tight end Zach Sudfeld out .
Tom Brady did not look comfortable . Especially in the season opener with a girl , but he wants it Kenbrell draft Thompkins to step up after a week and a rough one for Buffalo , which is all set to love " Monday Night Football" game between the . Patriots and New York Jets in Foxborough, Mass on the NFL network , the Jets appear to have a better shot in this game than many people expected a few weeks ago .

Here are three things to look for are: .

First line of defense of New York is dangerous even with Quinton Coples out Jets ' Uglies up front damage in the last week of the Tampa Bay Jets nose tackle Damon Harrison outstanding . weeks rookie defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson, the first game was excellent outside pass rusher Antwan Barnes seems to be a good free agent pickup , the Jets have the potential to have a very good front seven .

2 Geno Smith last number was not bad in his first start , but there are plenty of Associated with the quarterback rookie Jets held the ball all the time , he took a sack , five and eight hits quarterback despite password protection, overall good plus for Smith: he had a gun and did not make much . decisions. Bad to be thrown.

Three defensive Patriots. The first week with Buffalo Bills running back CJ Spiller , they shut down and give up less than 300 total yards in the biggest concerns . Patriots run through them using four to one for most of the game against Buffalo, including Chandler Jones prolific defensive tackle new free agent pickup Tommy Kelly played a good game, but New England 's . needs more pressure from the edges.

"Around the League Podcast " is now available on iTunes! Click here to listen . And subscribe .


JK Rowling pens Harry Potter movie, the inspiration for the Warner Brothers.

JK Rowling's world of magic spell to bring her back to the big screen - but not Harry Potter .

Warner Brothers announced Thursday that Rowling is writing a screenplay for a film based on the . " Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, " her textbook on a magical universe that she created in the Potter .

The story will focus on a mythology of the Newt Scamander , and is expected to be the first in the series.

" Although it is located in the community of witches and wizards , I am very happy for seven years. ' Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them, ' No prequel or sequel to the Harry Potter series, but the extension is . Wizarding world . " Rowling said . " The laws and customs of society, a magical hidden will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the movie. But Newt starts in New York , 70 years before Harry was . " .

She added , "I always said that I would only return to the wizarding world , if I had no idea that I was very excited about, and this is it ."

Warner Brothers are behind the eight Harry Potter films released between 2001 and 2011 .

From the style of the Potter books, Rowling has published two other books - "Vacancy casual " in 2012 and "Calling of the Cuckoo " (under the name Robert Galbraith) a year earlier.


Sydney's new movie Boobs Bounce important concession speech of Anthony Weiner.

While we are all too busy to remember to not forget to let us take a moment for a piece that is very important when the new girl Sydney film and the nature of them , Anthony said concession Weiner New York's mayor ( he lost . lose big time. ) Cause oh yeah she had some children , and they are not real and we are not so sure that they are beautiful , but we will monitor the progress of what pornography says she is definitely not done. where she is (we are ) the man some money to buy them, to flash around a concession speech as well as a woman .
As we watch the movie Sydney (which I miraculously have the foresight to give her a double penetration porn at birth) .
Speaking slowly franchise partner for over half an hour as he . Were forced to scurry through friendly in the restaurant business. Adjacent quickly so as to avoid confrontation.
We are reminded of Oscar Wilde's observation on fox hunting to playing the title foreshadowingly his " woman of no importance . " Wilde explained," gentleman galloping after a fox to England "as" bad in full pursuit of the uneatable "though perhaps in this case it is not bad to eat them both.
When I asked why she was outside of her main Weiner replied, "I just feel like I should I feel after being involved in this situation, " she said .
And plus she has a couple of these to show off , arewerite?
And then before Sydney and bust her new nose and new Lipo-ed midriff to the scanner to get a vehicle relatively cool compressed of disappointment disappointment Kitchener down show appreciation for his valiant election . he and his campaign limped . To the end . Their sexual performance completely impossible to pump up any support , it is a foregone conclusion that the scanner will not be able to overcome the resistance of Voters and win the mayor's Gracie Mansion , but now I do not know how to do chick Sydney entrance , a young girl , of course, and at least give us a reason to talk about it, BOOBS.
Also we want to thank God for everything and new hazards Mrs. Carlos Huma Abedin , was conspicuously not stand or run out of Sydney with a man her because Huma seems to be just waiting for the election. need to get rid of this guy , and we hope and gratitude for her and for all of us , she was conspicuously absent from the Partners of
Yes, the scanner is only one penis escape her retreating limo to his flip-out journalist in his confusion or analyst for CNN , is blasting his movements slow to a deterioration of luck . well we have been referring to when realsy'all because Huma is on Sydney 's film , but she is not behaving the way I am sure we will all have wound up with a permanent cringe my horror on our faces . for the rest of our lives, and Anthony Weiner 's brother Dick and sextings sexty noon gave us all enough time.


WTC treatment program logo: Artists Picture the Twin Towers in the memorial opened.

Ji Lee, Artist concept based in New York City is planning a memorial dedicated to hearty slow disappearance of the twin towers.

Lee started the project titled WTC logo treatment , not long after the Sept. 11, 2001 , when he began to notice the logo throughout the New York City skyline featuring the two towers . Images that represent small businesses that need dry cleaning Delis and its move to show their logo on canvas trucks and billboards all over Manhattan .
" I experienced a strange mixture of sadness and joy at seeing the symbol Towers standing majestically as if nothing has happened, " the artist writes on his website . " These logos will not last forever, a lot of small businesses will either .
Update their logos at some point, or close their doors in the end. The Twin Towers tragedy is lost forever. " .

In an effort to keep these logos - artifacts of New York City before the attacks of 9/11 - Lee started shooting photo collection on the site and the Flickr Collection includes his dozens upon dozens of logos. unique by Lee and others who choose to participate in the public

"When I started the project, I also asked them to send a photo of the logo on the Twin Towers , and I get many photos . Thus, it became a project is open for others to join, " Lee wrote in an email to The Huffington Post " is a sort of Easter egg hunt game for me. Whenever I was on the streets of New York to find a logo that I want to see it. " .

Scroll through the images below to view the new WTC memorial project. If you want to join in the effort to ensure this website here .


Emily Blunt and John's mother buy me.

Emily Blunt pregnant actress said to the magazine that represents us . Announced a few details about the life of Emily 's late fall into place : wear loose clothing , talking about how much she and her husband, John, I want children, and Purchasing . large
Sources speaking to the magazine, show that the couple has been prepared in preparation for their lives as parents . "They both want kids , it's one of the reasons why they have been a place that has a large area where you can raise a family ," the insider explains. "They both could not be more excited . " .
The couple reportedly bought $ 2 million estate in Ojai who work in the use of solar energy and has a pool and spa own by TMZ.
Pairs are often shy and private media have been revealed in a desire to start a family with Blunt confessed to Manhattan magazine that year . "We want to have children , I do not know when I'm just not sure yet . About the timing of all that. We both come from big families , so I think it's what we want. " .
Similarly, I talk about how he has been inspired by fellow actor Matt Damon, who is an expert in creating a balance between his home and work life . Working on the film promised land with Damon at the former star of The Office , noted: "We are actually written with children climbing all over him and he was doing a bath and dinner and everything , and we still have . get it done . " .
The couple met shortly after British-born Blunt has split up from the fans in the long run by her Canadian singer Michael Bublé, in 2008 , the duo was hired in 2009, when I proposed to Blunt that . breath taking a $ 100,000 three- carat Edwardian diamond and platinum ring and they were married the following year service quieter George Clooney Lake Como.
Kransinski talking about his love for his wife in the past, said. "She's a wonderful girl . So many people say, "You know what you know . "And it is true ."


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

early movers: GM, AAPL, MS, VZ, PG, NWSA, and more.

Check out which companies are making headlines before the bell on Wednesday.

General Motors - Canada will sell 30 million shares of GM, along with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and RBC deal illustrates, nearly a quarter of the shares of GM. A new report shows that the U.S. Treasury Department sold $ 811 million worth of GM common in August, leaving it with about 186 million shares.

Apple - Apple did not announce a deal with China Mobile Transport over night, as expected. It is said to have a license that will allow the iPhone to run on the network of China Mobile.

Morgan Stanley - UBS upgraded shares of the Bank to "buy" from "neutral" UBS is positive about the changes the company's wealth management driven business model other


Sydney film franchise partner or crashes sexting Anthony Weiner's.

Anthony Weiner 's mayoral campaign ended in disgrace lucky last movie Sydney AA on sexting his partner tried to crash his primary night rally .
The " victory " of the party's supporters lamented the disappointing finish fifth in the crowded Democratic primary camera with film , 23 years old with sexting with former senator leading a campaign to stop towing his screeching .
" Why are you here ? " Film reporter asked . " I'm kind of the reason he has been losing . So , might as well show up . "
The film launched the career of pornography since the scandal broke that Weiner needed. " To stop an embarrassment to the city of New York . He will continue this work. If it will not let me have it to some other girl . "
At one point, one of the sponsors of the film material Weiner said: " You really need to be ashamed ."
If she was not looking at her as she poured it into a tight -fitting red dress .


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Awe inspiring Nadal after his victory.

When they embraced the net , Rafael Nadal, while putting his head on his shoulders, Novak Djokovic is a classic Nadal kill opponents with kindness.
Nadal, Djokovic to win the U.S. Open when his opponent thought he was in control of fierce men 's final Monday night , Nadal then told him, " You are a player . Amazing - you will finish your work . Is one of the best in history " .

The withdrawal is that it would not be anywhere near the same level of excellent , if only because Nadal Nadal will not talk about it.

Difficult for competitors to remain on the court and his postmatch elegant combination that can not be . Easy to understand or explain against the best athletes in the world.

David Beckham signed a transition signature Nadal 6-2 , 3-6 , 6-4 , 6-1 victory over Djokovic may be wondering what kind of football player, Nadal may be. for Spain, David Stern , NBA commissioner saw this performance Nadal Vintage Courtside seats , no doubt. Recognized that special brand of athlete, he has the advantage of a lot in the past year , Michael Jordan.

You take what the players get out of the mold , this late in the third set , Djokovic was the third to serve for a two sets to one and the next thing he knew Nadal was serving them and him. for setting .

"I obviously can not recover , " said Djokovic.

Tournament and Nadal 's 13th win of the tournament Grand Slam is in the bag, Nadal Late Show Europe , which began about a quarter after 11 in Djokovic of Serbia hometown and Nadal Spain ended soon after . their standard is only 3 hours 21 minutes.

It was 2:32 faster than his record-setting marathon five- set final in 2012 . Djokovic wins Australian Open, French Open , they played 4:37 Finals . In June, Nadal won .

At this point, I do not just go to the Grand Slam between Djokovic and Nadal , they make arrangements for a home for a dog to walk , they pack a toothbrush and a change of underwear in them. committed to . Evening . While the courts . Oppression of attrition and perhaps some natural-born skeptics found themselves wondering contemporary sports scalable . Physical barriers and remedies without resorting to shortcuts such chemicals.

" When you love what you do, you just try to improve " Toni Nadal, uncle of the newly crowned champion and coach , said outside the locker room after the match , he did not talk about the financial return , even $. 1,000,000 bonus Nadal takes home $ 2,600,000 in prize money will be deposited in the bank happily .

Once upon a time , the court , Nadal is a teenage phenomenon , he has developed a much better than average. The ability to win the net and soon he was twice Wimbledon champion .

At 27 , he should be risky , especially on hardcourts . At the end of the season -long Grand Slam because the longer he is known. For players who are not good for riding his tendinitis .

After losing . In the first round at Wimbledon , Nadal went on to run the summer hardcourt win in Montreal , New York , Ohio, and to reduce physical stress he hit forehands down the line rather than risk . Play with them a safe way across the court with Djokovic won his share of the points for too long.

"He can not work, like when he was young, " Toni Nadal said with surprising candor , "and when you have something that you know you should be doing something . Different . " .

You evolve, you grow something that does not change the behavior Nadal win or lose .

Roger Federer is a tennis scout inspired fear and Nadal have been Phil Mickelson 's seemingly unencumbered by the weight of it all, he will not go as far as to say that . age of players almost universally credited for increasing the quality is more than any other day.

"I do not like to talk about . Part of the history of tennis that I participate because it sounds very arrogant if I say that this generation is great , "he said in Montreal at the start of the season hardcourt his " I have a lot of years. excellent in tennis , I think this generation is special because the best players of the world are able to stay in the finals of the tournament, created many of the classic battle. a good " .

In the shadow of the narrative. Shared his match with Federer and Djokovic , he is slowly creeping into the discussion of Monday night was the greatest time of their last 37 matches , six more than Nadal , Federer to play with .

Federer , Nadal - still the industry standard, especially with Nadal now four behind Federer 17 Grand Slam single , there's more to come , assuming the knee. he did not fail him .

"Well, who is 13 slams for 27 years is incredible, " Djokovic said, " He still has a lot of years to play, so that's all . I can not say. " .

Nadal is more than can be said about this point of view anymore.

"I go step by step, day by day , by week , " he said.

Point or points it is the reason why long- crowned king of clay Nadal has a real opportunity to create a crown court for betting on his notebook with extreme caution .

This article has been corrected . To reflect the following correction : .


If George Zimmerman: police to decide on charges of domestic battery.

He stood on the floor, she stood by her man , and the world can not seem to stand apart from the ongoing drama that has become the life of George Zimmerman.

Police in Lake Mary, Florida is expected to decide quickly whether to charge George Zimmerman and his wife Shellie his batteries in police spokesman Zach Hudson told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday .

Officials also decided not to charge members of the couple . Estranged one . He says.

" This is definitely not over ," Hudson said, " Normally we will require that we charge the battery in the country " , which he said carried a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

In a televised press conference later, Hudson told reporters. That officials were examining images recorded by Shellie on iPad to aid in the investigation, "We live in a world we live in a video age . Electronics , iPad and be used . Recording "activity .

Zimmerman was released in July of killing unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin has a confrontation with his wife on Monday . His estranged Shellie was convicted . Of perjury . Months ago for lying about finances. The couple's bail hearing her husband.

Original report of the recent spat - covered in depth by new stores continuing crisis over a possible military strike by the U.S. against Syria - indicated that Shellie said George Zimmerman threatened with a gun drill and her father in the face .

Hours later, but the story has changed, police said they found a gun nobody Zimmerman and Shellie Zimmerman and his father , David , Dean , she has decided not to seek any charges against Zimmerman , Hudson said. witnesses saw the two guns that " as of now it is not. Part of the equation . " .

Lake Mary police Chief Steve Bracknell told reporters in Florida that Zimmerman was let go on Monday after he was detained for questioning , but he said police will continue to monitor .

Mark Savage who headed the legal team that successfully defended Zimmerman in the murder , said: " Emotions are running very high " between George and Shellie Zimmerman has filed for divorce and " no one should . will face charges of " after the incident on Monday.

Mara , who was a consultant for . CNN will not . Represent George Zimmerman for divorce or if he is charged in domestic dispute , according to tweet from a CNN reporter .

"They just want . Sort of stay away from each other to cool things and work through their attorneys , " Mara said.

Since the verdict in his murder trial , Zimmerman has difficulty in In the middle of the limelight , he was pulled over by the police on charges of speeding and get a ticket , he also immediately appear in photos taken at the gun factory .

However , the upside as well : he saved his family from a car. Their after . Car accident .

Zimmerman also can not seem to stay away from the news , and most of it was in the dark.

Brother , Robert George Zimmer Jr. of Zimmerman tweeted after media reports surfaced about the disputes in the country , "We have learned from the GZ not to ' cross . conclusion to ' wait for the facts and avoid speculation.

' News ' is a business - not your friends . "


Case Study Monday: 1 week

Who ever thought that Michael Vick is the quarterback most mobile hyped in the season opening game on Monday night , most are eager to see how Robert Griffin III looks in action . The first time since he had knee surgery in January, but Vick will be just as interesting to watch.
Although the quarterback of the Philadelphia for the better part of August. It was a no-brainer for Kelly to name Vick the starter he is moving ; Nick Foles , Vick has vowed not to be a threat to the more potent this season , which may explain why Kelly gives Foles a lot of first team camp , Vick worked unavoidable . Means that Victorville . Injured at some point this season , the Phillies will likely have to rely on Foles , this would mean changing the system, but is now in full force at the Old Vic .
The most important aspect of Offense of Kelly rhythmic fast break , which will allow Vick veteran of 11 years who has always struggled with the difference such a snap before reading or recognition of the protection relay post snap . year in arrhythmias void a lot of people who want to work while not crowding may seem more complex than the standard error is real simple when you play fast and have no time for the snap before , the . meaning everything including defense . Is inherently More basic .

The limitations of the Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett , who is known for blitzes aggressive and unconventional high disguised hybrid that will get thrown out the window on Monday night when the Eagles line up and snap. play ball with 20 seconds left on the clock .

By reducing the time between . Play, you have to play short of its own , at least in the game through the path to a quick and confined more to stretch the vertical mean to take so long to get back to the line and be ready for . snap to the desired format faster decisions faster from the rear trigger to be the toughest challenge of his wig and symbols . Discipline and the expectations of him.
With Kelly will not pay Vick enough time to climb temporarily produced most of his 5,551 yards in his career for Victor to be a threat to him, hoping to get Kelly to call plays. which naturally led him to move , which include things like rolling luggage bootlegs and concepts that you will know the kind of thing that the Redskins do with Rg3.


Wrecking Ball Miley Cyrus new video says a woman should have sex.

Miley Cyrus on the controversy the last time it was twerking at VMAs; This time it was the video for her new song , Wrecking Ball ( exposing the hypocrisy : Scroll down and you can watch the clip , I will complain about the hundreds of words) Naked Miley : In the video you can see it. that ! Miley in her underwear ! Miley orally pleasuring a sledgehammer ! Yes, you can watch - from attractions in the world - Miley Cyrus licking simulate what you'd find in the back What next? Selena Gomez gives handjob to strimmer?

I have a daughter 13 years , Cyrus has been a part of life. Our family since the launch of Hannah Montana in the Disney Channel in 2006, in company with my daughter , I've seen it countless television programs ; I've seen the movie cancer ; I've seen in 3-D concert film ; I saw one in five listings sold out the O2 in 2009 .

Now apparent that Cyrus wants to leave to crown her as queen of tweens , and she was gone about it in a way that young women , many of whom became famous very young can do: she embraced sexualisation. What is shocking about the journey of Cyrus the scope of arms : Wrecking ball video not reflect surveys of sexual behavior . Woman , she shows that A woman holds an exploration of pornography that is inevitable when she chose offensive Terry Richardson - people whose work gives the impression that he looked at the girl and could not help . for See blow up sex doll - a director.

What bothers me about the wrecking ball is not fear that my daughter will look at the video and decide . Learn about sex from the garden after all the stars necessary reason to reinvent itself as the tweens themselves quickly - part of a trip into the teens a handsome childhood love me. sure she will be curious and watch the video, but I also wonder if she is shy wrecking ball rather than inspired by it that said, I may not be one of those parents that question to : "What she has done . this " .

That's even more troubling aspects of the wrecking ball , perhaps Cyrus has made all of her own and is certainly voliition . Not a place . I am a man of 44 years , to vote on how women over 20 years should show their sexual behavior , but what is her reason for not making a video of Cyrus : Best way . For a young woman to be noticed is to have sex to see themselves and in this case - sadly - it seems to have worked .

It's now five time ago, and the wrecking ball has 14,453,182 views on YouTube , it added more than a million since I started writing this piece, I was reminded of a line spoken by Ryan Gosling in the movie Muppet Madness: " The war between the sexes over We won the second women started doing pole dancing for exercise .. " .


LIVE: Apple launched the iPhone 5S, 5C.

11:07 : The price of new iPhone5S : 16GB at $ 199, $ 299 for 32 GB and $ 399 for 64GB and leather case ... in five colors for $ 39 each , "Now you have seen our new line 5C. and 5S of $ 99 and $ 199 for others , " Schiller said, " beginning Friday, September 13th , you can purchase 5C online and a week later, on September 20 , you will be able to buy a cell phone in a store. . the United States " and a number of other countries , China is the first country on the list to get new phones when customers in the United States , reflecting the importance of this market for Apple .

11:01 : Schiller wraps up his presentation in New iPhone5S imported video with Jony Ive made ​​a sound (but he is not really easy on the eyes here), the video focuses on TouchID. which can be used to . Unlock the phone , but also makes . Purchases .

10:58 : After Schiller shows off some photos taken with the iPhone touch from squirrels to Yosemite as "Sapien to Homo young " Schiller moved to a hot topic these days to maintain . ID security exposed here by using your fingertips to feel a sense of ownership of the phone, it scans through the " top layer of the epidermis to the floor . " sensor sits in the elegant simplicity.

10:54 : The camera is now a large f2.2 aperture area of ​​15 % sensor size and pixels , which is larger than 1.5 microns, "That means more light, dynamic range and less noise . image " of new software on the new phone to take advantage of technology upgrade, Schiller said real camera now takes multiple photos automatically when you press the " snap "and select the best one for you. feeling too flash light around you , whether it's a sunset or two LED 's , one of the bright and warm " color scheme during 1000 ... It was the first time it was made ​​, not only on the phone. but cameras of any kind. " best of all: image Stabilization automatically , eliminating the movement during the shooting action, there is a real plus for those of us who use their iPhone as a camera almost exclusively cameras now shoot. " explosion " of many shots that allow you to choose from. One of the best . And finally slow -MO - This guy diving into the pool and a half later he was in midair .

10:46 : Schiller talks about the new iPhone 's increasing ability to sense motion , Nike highlighted (Nikefuel) " much more powerful graphics and animation ... but what about the battery. 10 hours of talk time, 3G, 8 hours of browsing 3G 40 hours of music and 250 hours of standby , he said .

10:44 : The game "Infinity Blade III" took the stage , showcasing the full fighting dragons, epic iPhone5S shooting flames out of his mouth, while the squares and cubes shining knight with his sword . even for non- gamers to the action -filled . Impressive for Phone platform .

10:39 : Schiller talks now with the latest technology, it features A7 iPhone5S top-line 64-bit desktop processor with 64-bit library and kernel driver that supports the design of the apps running Xcode . 32 - and 64- bit apps " ... it is up to two times faster CPU performance up to 40 times until the iPhone 5S and the first half of that came in today with a new phone. " .

10:36 : Schiller is back to light up the " second iPhone5S, phone most forward thinking that perhaps I ever do it beautifully designed phone that most of what is in the industry. . "Video Book : liquid gold flowing through the air ... to your phone white and gold , white and black, lined up like iPhone5.

10:31 : Price : $ 99 for 16 gig , 32 gig and $ 199 for a contract with " their PVC - free ... and yes Android free " laughter from the crowd now ... the video on the screen . Jony Ive is talking about iPhone5C: " it is more talented and certainly more colorful ... iPhone5C as hardware and software to work together harmoniously. " he added that it was " very beautiful and unapologetically plastic . " the difference from when the launch of iPhone4 which he likened to the Leica camera , which is known for its solid steel feel Ive:.

10:27 : Schiller on iPhone5C: front glass touch surface is one of several " no seams or joints . " Wallpaper is a color matched "the experience of color. " Case custom made ​​. silicone rubber soft feel ; The color , but also circular cutouts that allows color to show through iPhone5C "You will be blown away by the quality of it . " 4-inch Retina display ; Apple A6 chip is designed in a slightly larger battery than the iPhone5 8 MP camera with video zoom 3x.

10:24 : talk to the prison iPhone iPhone 5 said to help the growth of fuel " in the past we have announced new phones that are priced lower this year we will not do so we are going to change . iPhone 5 with not one but two new designs. , this will allow us to serve our customers better. " Phil Schiller stepped on stage , he announced a new iPhone5C.

10:20 : Cook back on stage, he said to " work together. Incredible "Jony Ive and the design and engineering of Craig Up Next : Fabric of iWork for Apple for mobile , anchored Pages , Keynote and Numbers , pushing the idea that iOS7 not " just for content they are consuming . Unbelievably For building material . "

10:15 : iTunes radio as a feature of iOS7, Federighi says Daft Punk 's " random access memory " fill the hall like Pandora, in some way, "If you want me, you would dial upRush rock . Canada 's greatest bands and medicine . Filled with horror . " Laughter.

10:13 : The new voice and a male voice adds Siri Siri can also draw on data from Wikipedia and the web on the line will have a new option for the tones is some strange kind of dance music that seemed appropriate for the W Hotel lobby Federighi demonstrated his many jokes about his hair : one record reminder . He wanted to look for a shampoo and conditioner that his absolute perfect sense .

10:10 : Apple iOS7 Honcho Craig Federighi on stage now talking about the download iOS7 soon he is going to highlight " which begins with a home screen . " Aimed at " the . "depth of view , " The Parallax " response . The movement of your hand.

10:09 : Cook talks about the " architectural marvel " that is Apple in Pal Alto , which looks like a floating glass measuring student Lucky Stanford University.

10:05 : A video on a large screen to show off your hips and large crowds that had thronged the recent iTunes Festival in London; Allow time for journalists. To improve the blog posts and tweets .

10:00 : Tim Cook stepped on stage to applause the auditorium is smaller than usual haunt Apple in San Francisco, he welcomed those attending for the first time from Beijing and Tokyo : Talking . News about the iTunes festival now runs seven nights from 30 years of live performances in London, including Elton John , Robin Thicke and Lady Gaga .

9:58 : Among spotted in the crowd of reporters here at Apple : Former Vice President Al Gore, and Yahoo! Boss Marissa Mayer.

09:57 PT: position at Apple HQ - news happening now stay with us .

09:45 PT: Apple kicks off 15 -minute episode of USA TODAY 's Marco della Cava is Apple 's headquarters in Cupertino and will file updates from the event starting at 10am PT (01:00. . ET).

Our original post .

Apple to host the headquarters of Cupertino , Calif., on Tuesday , which is expected to reveal its latest iPhone.

Industry experts suggest that Apple will launch the fingerprint sensor to beef up security . While on the device . Published several reports claim the company will show two versions of iPhone: 5S 5C high and low for China and other developing markets .

Apple can also inject a bit of color to the popular smartphone 's reported suggestion to offer Apple iPhone in champagne gold , as well as graphite.

Shares of Apple are trading higher than $ 508 in the beginning of every trading day .

The new iPhone comes as competition in the market. Smartphones continue to escalate month, Google unveiled the first smartphone from Motorola Moto X. While the events last week in Berlin , Samsung announced the Galaxy smartwatch gear is . allows users to receive calls, check messages and set reminders.

USA TODAY will be live coverage of Apple 's iPhone event starting at 1:00 ET , be sure to check back here for the latest news .


The update is a must have App for iOS 7 release.

Amazon pushed out this week's update, iOS App 7 users should make sure it is installed prior to the release of iOS 7, unless they want to re-download all of their books.

This is not the first iOS App 7 update will arrive and it will not be the last we see over the next week and a half. We expect other developers are putting the final touches on a version of their apps compatible with iOS 7 update Apple has shown off a new iPhone and iOS 7 event on Tuesday.

Many of these early iOS 7 App updated to focus on making sure that users can still use the app, rather than adding new features and a completely new look to match the new iOS 7 design.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Russell Wilson's fourth quarter TD by the Seahawks Panthers.

Wilson threw a 43 -yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in the fourth quarter and the Seattle defense came up with a big turnover in the final minutes of a 12-7 win Sunday over the Carolina Panthers .

The Seahawks managed just two field goals before hitting cornerback Kearse , Josh Thomas down the right sideline for his first career touchdown with 10:13 left.

Scored one play after Wilson tried to pass. Nearly identical - though in a different play - but Stephen Williams could not come up with a diving catch .

Kearse did .

Get a leaping grab in the end zone two years Thomas for scoring forward.

"We have called for the shot before and I was surprised . We want to miss that one, " Wilson, who threw for 320 yards, said," Maybe I threw it a little too , I see Kearse out there with the rest , I read the play , he was the second reading and he did a great job . attack of the football . "

Kearse had just three catches for 31 yards last season as a rookie , but showed promise early in the season .

Seahawks failed to convert the two -point attempt , but they do not need it .

They protect the rest.

Panthers have a chance to move back to the front , though. Safety Earl Thomas looted DeAngelo Williams ran for 16 yards and Tony McDaniel after recovery Seattle 8 with 5:25 left .

Seahawks ran out the clock from there.

Williams, who finished with 76 yards on 16 carries , taking the loss hard.

"It was a mistake , but it was a mistake that cost my team the game ," Williams, who also had a fumble in the 16-12 loss to the Seahawks .

Williams was trying to make . When he turned 10, when Thomas broke loose ball from behind.

" Their secondary has talent. For doing so, and my job is to protect the football , " Williams said," I'm not doing my job. " .

Thomas certainly not his .

"When I felt like he was open, he starts swinging his arms, " Thomas said, " I got in a good punch . , We are always working to get the ball to come out . " .

Added Wilson: "That shows what football team we are all about the nature unceasingly in order to go after the ball , we can get closer to the game late , and that's what makes Earl . Thomas best . In the game. ". .

It was first roughing for new Panthers offensive coordinator Mike Shula .

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been held to 125 yards and a touchdown - hit 3 yards to Steve Smith in the first half - against the Seattle Seahawks played without starting defensive Chris . Clemons , Cliff Avril and Brandon Brown .

Panthers lead 7-3 , but did not score until the second half .

Newton is a disease passed down by a few , including two at the end of his routine , Greg Olsen, tight .

I will need to limit the operation of Newton this season and he's just a quarterback bombing carried just five times 38 yards, Newton led the Panthers in rushing last year with 741 yards.

"We 've got to go back and look and see what they are and how they took us out of what we wanted to do on offense, " Panthers coach Ron Rivera said.

It is a struggle for the offense . Seattle too .

The Seahawks do not have much going on with the Carolina hold Marshawn Lynch , holding pro running back to 43 yards on 17 carried .

Wilson picked up the slack, completing 25 of 33 passes on the suspect North Carolina Vice Doug Baldwin with 91 yards on seven receptions .

Rivera fell to 2-13 in games decided by seven points or less blamed the loss on " missed opportunities ", including a fumble by Williams cost the past and never dropped . able to get off the field on third down late in the game.

34 years , Smith grabbed six 51 yards for a touchdown , and he said that despite the loss, he would expect to see Seattle again in January - in the NFC playoffs .

Newton agreed .

"Absolutely , absolutely ," Newton said, "Everyone can not panic now , we 're going to get all the games first team we played unbelievable ."

Save game .

Panthers starting right guard Garry Williams remaining . First quarter of the year with a knee injury and left , Rivera said, "It does not look good . " Panthers Chris Scott Turner , Travelle Wharton and Jeff Byers on the spot. when the two of them ... Panthers end Frank Alexander was ejected in the second quarter after throwing a punch that Seahawks offensive Breno GIACOMINI by one 's sack . North Carolina ... North Carolina Armond Smith was arrested a second time for 30 yards out of bounds for the punt coverage .


Sacks against the Titans, a new update Ben. Roethlisberger five times.

Tennessee Titans started the season with an embarrassing step back , it is just setting the stage for a leap forward significantly .

Chris Johnson is a flash his usual for 70 yards, clock chewing new defensive assistant Greg Williams, a waste of time to work some of the magic of his old and Titans Corbin Pitts . Pittsburgh 16-9 on Sunday .

Jackie Battle 3 -yard touchdown run in the second quarter, and Rob Bironas kicked three field goals for the new updates. The rest of Tennessee .

" Yes, we were a little sloppy at the point where we want to , we scored more," Tennessee coach Mike Munchak said, "and we will fix some of those , but we do what we need to do to win the game. football " .

Pittsburgh had just 195 yards and Pro Bowl center Maurkice Pouncey out loss trends of the year with a torn ligament in his right knee, linebacker Larry Foote is also done after rupturing his right biceps .

"We have a lot of work to do, " Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said, "Nobody cares about our problems . They're glad that we have them , we must understand that we need . have to stick together and continue " .

Pouncey is the heart of the offensive line retooled; Foote was a philosopher, wise for the NFL 's best linebacking group .

"Whenever you lose a guy that is a key part in your game, it 's disappointing but that's the business we're in ," Brett the defense Keisel Steelers said, "Someone has to step up ."

Better hurry .

Steelers have not lost at home in a decade and will have little against the Titans, the more points the team in the past season NFL Any and brought in as an assistant. Williams out of the year in his role . The scandal with the New Orleans Saints won the Super League to suspend impact on the former defensive coordinator immediately.

While Munchak emphasized coordinator Jerry Gray was in charge of calling plays , there is little doubt , Williams was a key change in the attitude to the severity of Blame for the 6-10 season .

Aggressive from the opening snap , Tennessee , forcing two turnovers and limit the Steelers to 32 yards and did not allow a touchdown until garbage time .

"We're working together a lot more now , " defensive tackle Jurrell Casey said, "None of the fingerprints point to someone else and no one is selfish , we must work as a unit and that's what we do. today " .

Steelers came in with 10 wins in home openers , the longest streak in the league , he went winless on the season , but they're good .

Does not look like it .

After a bumpy offseason in Mike Wallace , James Harrison and Casey Hampton of Pittsburgh confirmed that it did not create it , but the project is refurbishing . Take some time .

Running back Isaac Redman fumbled twice, including once deep into the territory of the State of Tennessee 's defense limited the theater , but failed to create a turnover or a sack swing momentum .

The Titans did not win , they do not have the content to run between tackles and Johnson battle , watch the Tennessee Titans held . Ball for over 34 minutes, and quarterback Jake Locker asked to do anything more than To avoid a crash.

Locker completed 11 of 20 passes for 125 yards, but the drive to Tennessee in scoring with a long range in the fourth quarter to give the Titans a 13-2 lead and sent most of the crowd streaming to exit

Titans needed to perform 42 runs for 112 yards rushing , but what they lack in pop , they make up for in persistence .

" I think he came in the room that we are going to work , then we feel that we must " Munchak said: "We have a lot of contact it was like a boxing match. Was a lot of running ( a little ), but we We feel that they have been worn out by doing that . "

The ending seemed hardly possible after one of the more memorable flubs opening weekend by Tennessee kick returner Darius Reynaud .

Shaun Suisham squib kick was fielded at the Tennessee 1 Reynaud hack into the end zone and dropped to his knees officials called the original play , but referee Jerome Boger touchback signal after security . The trial never actually crossed the goal line .

" I know I'm in the end zone ," Reynaud said, "I do not know if children are at something . I want to work in " .

The Pride of Pittsburgh lasted eight plays Steelers are driving following a free kick on guard David DeCastro on the right knee Pouncey Pouncey placed on the ground for several minutes before being taken . out of the golf cart .

Kelvin Beachum pace for Pouncey , but the drive ended when Redman - starting with de facto rookie Le'Veon Bell sidelined with a sprained right foot - fumbled into the end zone .

Unusual to secure a 2-0 lead held up until Alterraun Verner intercepted Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh 49 Titans 12-play drive surfing maneuvers done by plowing three yards with 46 seconds . remaining. In half .

Save game .

Roethlisberger. Became the 35th quarterback to pass for more than 30,000 yards in his career , he is now at 30,035 yards in 10 seasons at Tennessee RB Shonn Greene left with . A knee injury in the second quarter loss at Pittsburgh in their home opener in 2002 against Oakland .


Gostkowski hit Clinches' 23-21 win over Bills.

What is the gases in Brady , the Patriots offense to the new look . Quarterback to win the rally by New England 23-21 season opening win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at New England , Brady went 49 yards on 12 plays to set up Stephen Gostkowski 's. 35 -yard field goal with five seconds remaining.
"I do not have a lot of doubt ," Brady said, referring to the Patriots' final drive , which started at 34 with 4:31 remaining , "We have a team full of fighters . Has . Some wins are ugly, but we 're always going to fight until the end. " .
Salad From sloppy Brady completed all six attempts in the final 34 yards on the drive between them. A second pass complete to convert third downs , including threading the cast Danny Amendola in traffic for a 10-yard gain and 8 at 39 bills .
Shane Vereen ran for 15 yards on the next play , and the Patriots settled at run time off the clock before Gostkowski wins it .
Amendola, offseason free agent addition, showed grit by returning to the game despite a nagging groin injury he aggravated during the first half.
"He really toughed it out , which is impressive, " said Amendola , Brady led the Patriots with 10 catches for 104 yards - numbers similar to what is used to make Wesker Brady.
And Brady leaned on the back of his most experienced and Julian Edelman, who caught two touchdown passes .
"I was proud of our team today," coach Bill Belichick said, " Obviously, it is not complete and there are lots of things we can do better , but they played a few minutes. End of Way we game . Needed to play it . "
Brady completed 29 of 52 288 yards and two touchdowns to help the Patriots opened the season winning their 10th straight relationships Portsmouth / Detroit ( 1930-1939 ) for the third . the longest in the NFL .
It also was the 36th of his career, Brady led the Patriots to victory while tied . Or trailing . In the fourth quarter .
Belichick won his 206th career game to move forward, one of Marty Schottenheimer. For sixth place in the NFL .
New-look Bills nearly pulled off a stunning upset in their first game under new coach Doug Marrone and quarterback EJ Manuel .
Instead it became all too familiar for the Bills with AFC East rivals , they dropped to 1-19 in their past 20 meetings , they are 3-24 in the 27 games since Bill Belichick took over . Patriots coach in 2000 .
"You're talking about a sense of disappointment : the devastating " Marrone said, "When we go out and we have a chance and you can not win the game, I let them down ."
Bills squandered the encouragement by Manuel rookie first-round draft pick out of Florida State .
Manuel looked poised in the pocket , but inconsistent in completing 18 of 27 passes for 150 yards and two touchdowns .
After trailing the entire first half , Manuel put the Bills ahead 21-17 in the first possession of the third quarter, capping a 11 play, 80 -yard march that Stevie Johnson and 18 yards .
Bill has trouble mustering any offense to just three first downs and 73 yards, and the final five possessions .
"Overall , at the end of the day we are missing so I can not really say that we do not , we have that ," Manuel said, "At the end of the day you want to win ."
Bills squandered an effort by a sturdy defense forced three turnovers renovation includes safety Da'Norris Searcy back Stevan Ridley 's fumble 74 yards for a touchdown bills . the Patriots also limited to six points on three drives inside the Buffalo 20 in the second half .
Discipline is also a Buffalo , which has been penalized 10 times for 75 yards .
The Patriots defense was too opportunistic quarterback Kyle Arrington , two forced fumbles , both of which set up touchdowns.
"It is a game of chance , you have to invest as much as possible, " Arrington said, "We're just very fortunate to come away with enough plays to win the game , it was not . A complete " .
Patriots rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins for 42 yards and four catches despite being targeted 14 times.
Then there is the disconcerting Ridley by slipping the line of scrimmage without contact with Ridley for the rest . Of the game on the sidelines with his helmet perched on his head, took Vereen finished with a career-high 14 carries for 101 yards.
Notes : Marrone is updated WR Marquise Goodwin, who did not return after hurting his right hand at the end of the first half ... Gostkowski hit a 48 yard field goal in the first quarter ... Bills have lost 14. of their past 20 openers and dropped to 21-33 overall .


yahoo fantasy football Week 1: Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Roddy White, Danny Amendola (analysis of my FF team).

Every fantasy football owner . There are different strategies of how they want to attack a list of them and build a team for the season and after missing the playoffs in three seasons, the goalkeeper in the league pay serious , I decided to go with the gut. My team for an experiment to see how it turns out in the first week of the season and some of the top teams to have Adrian Peterson, drew Brees , Vereen , Shane and Jordan Cameron .
Adrian Peterson choice goalkeeper in the league with my team and it is. In the past two years because people are afraid that after his return from knee surgery . I noticed that and pounced on him, thinking that he will have a good season 2,000 yards later he ended up MVP my imagination and put him in second place , I used to pull Brees with qualifying times. My first time was able to reach out to take a quarterback with the 12th overall pick , but the team 's goalie in the league and my team of choice at the end , I realized that after the first round . A great quarterback is better than the second tier running back , especially knowing that it will not come back to my team for round two .

Peterson added two rushing touchdowns . And receiving touchdowns and gained nearly 30 points in a league of me, which is good, since I was the owner of Peyton Manning , which means that all hope is lost for a period of one week , there are also players . will be played on Sunday night , including Rueben Randle , Jason Witten and Brandon Myers as Josh Brown kick my Randall Cobb and James Jones remains . Hakeem Nicks is a factor and will play tonight on NBC 's Sunday night football game with the Dallas Cowboys.

Brees does not have a date fertile smart as Peyton Manning , but he put 357 yards and two touchdowns with an interception and also had a victory at home over division rival in Washington . Connecticut Brees will put up big numbers , and the owner can not complain about the 20th day with a good defense , Shane Vereen started off the season very well . To the team after me . Decided to choose him as my running back drafted in the hope that the use of the backfield he may come in handy in a PPR league and Danny Woodhead in San Diego , Vereen likely . how to get a touch of him , but he ended up leading the team in rushing with bills than Stevan Ridley .

Vereen finished with almost 20 points in my scoring system in Yahoo, coming up with seven catches for 106 yards and 58 yards, and solids that may lead to a very productive season overall after Brady to him often . will be in the game winning hit in the end on the football field and Vereen showed that he can be an asset . Valuable . Offense frustrated greatest team is Mike Wallace , as he had only one catch for 15 yards in his debut , but the Dolphins pulled out the winning move is not in the backup Jordan. Cameron , I left in Jason Witten ( who could have a big game ), but Cameron is a solid nylon touchdowns and over 100 yards.

Darren McFadden had one touchdown and three dice , and if he can stay on the field and healthy this season , he may still be a form of production that Denarius Moore five catches and a touchdown in a game that he and Over forecasts for the Colts Week DeAngelo Williams has nearly 100 total yards on the day of Peterson and his best again ran for 90 yards and a TD 70 yards in the loss.